The AXE Effect – Women depiction.

Interesting Axe commercial where women are portrayed as some kind of “animal” responding to their instincts awaked by the Axe effect.

I thought this was an interesting commercial where the Axe company portrays women as some kind of “animal” following their instincts , running through the jungle and swimming across the sea to get to the man spraying Axe over himself. This advertising technique of “showing” -young- customers how awesome their life would be if they used their product is being used by several companies, not only Axe. They create the -false- idea that their product would make you more handsome, attractive, rich, successful with women, and many other qualities. “If you spray yourself with Axe, women will come to you right away” This is the main message that this commercial transmits.

The Axe brand has been doing this kind of advertising campaigns for a long time now. They wanted their product to be identified as a “sexual weapon”. Their target audience is young men (18-24) who want to be successful with women. Axe has given the message that their body spray makes men more attractive to women — who they present as brainless brainless objects (sometimes headless) who exist to please men. (J. Zeilinger. January, 2013). Therefore, does sexism sell? Axe thinks it does. Paloma Aleman states that “[Axe’s] products somehow build confidence in straight men”.

Axe’s new campaign, which consists of five ads stereotyping women- Brainy Girl, High Maintenance Girl, Flirty Girl, Party Girl, and Sporty Girl. All five advertisements use stereotypes about women that supposedly “everyday men” have to deal with. But this campaign not only stereotypes women as pretty, sexy, funny, confident, etc. It persuades their target audience -the man-. One of the commercials, the Flirty Girl, does not even have a “subliminal” message, like we are used to in commercials, it sends a direct message to “you” the audience. The omnipresent narrator guides the unconfident, lame man (who could be you) from being the “boyfriend of a flirty girl, a man that stays calmly by as his lady works the floor” to take control of the situation by a “more manly” attitude. And you will only get this attitude if you use the Cool Metal Axe.


This is not only an example of how the media persuades their target audience, it also exemplifies the stereotipation made -in this case of both women and men-. Do we need to be reminded that not all women look like these women in the commercials, and that, as a matter of fact, the Axe products do not attract women like they show in this commercial? Obviously the majority of customers do not believe that that -women running towards them- will happen if they spray Axe over their bodies, however, the Axe campaign does work says Marksoc Shri ram. We all complain about the irreal scenarios shown in commercials such as the Axe ones and how the media sells smoke, yet -one more time- they have proven the undeniable influence they have over the customers, not matter how irrealistic their advertising campaigns are.


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