The Newsroom

Last year I watched the first season of the show The Newsroom. It premiered on HBO on June 24, 2012. The show examines the lives of the people who work at Atlantis Cable News (ACN) a fictitious major news outlet, which broadcasts News Night. Jeff Daniels plays the main character, the anchor Will McAvoy, who puts together the news show a different way of telling the news. His ex (Emily Mortimer) is his new producer. Due to McAvoy’s “rough way of presenting the news” they face a lot of problems with their boss, the press etc.

It is an interesting show because it gives a different perspective of a newsroom nowadays. While all the media stations are biased towards their owners interest, The Newsroom presents a different way of telling the news, basing on facts and not worrying about the publics critics. Nevertheless, critics are hard to this show for its long and elaborated dialogs. It was not believed that it would even make to the second season, but they just signed for the third season, so for those who can’t get enough, get ready for more.

Here is a sneak peak of the second season that came out on July 14, 2013.


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