So yes, there are still 29 days left for christmas. But it is not surprise to anybody to walk into any kind of stores -from local stores to national chains like Target or Walmart-. and find christmas products everywhere, from christmas trees to candy cones. Of course, everything is ON SALE (Like always). And the TV is bombrded with sale Christmas commercials. Sale here, sale there, buy early and get 10% off, get $3 off your next purchase if you buy a Christmas tree now, get the Christmast lights early…


Companies are trying to do whatever they can to make more with less. Make the consumer spend in advance, just so they can make him spend even more when Christmas actually comes. In fact, the “Christmas shopping time” starts on November 1st, right after people have gotten done shopping for Halloween. The point is spend. Spend, spend, SPEND.

ImageThe funny thing, is that besides the companies urge to sell out Christmas stuff before the actual season. Thanksgiving is in between. So guess what.. More ads, more sales and more spending! Because of course, it is crucial to buy everything beforehand in order to save more money. And again we’re back to the endless circle of saving while spending — contradictory huh?

But in case it was not enough for companies trying to make profit in advance, they came up with Black Friday. A great ocasion to spend more money but get the best deals. It is the night right after thanksgiving, where the stores have huge deals, people line up in front of grocery sotres and malls, hours before they open, out in the November cold, just  to be the first ones to get thos amazing deals.


Surprisingly, for those who think this “crazy shopping trend” is a 21st century invention, early shopping dates back to the victorians: The Victorians also discovered the value of starting the Yuletide shopping season before Thanksgiving. It was only a short leap from ad copy to in-store blowouts. A Nov. 16, 1888, event by the Kansas City, Mo., emporium Bullene, Moore, Emery & Company saw a preholiday rush that “packed every square foot of the store,” while promotions for an 1893 “Early Christmas Event” by one Salt Lake City retailer almost reads like a ransom note: “This is no joke. We mean it. We will do it … MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY.”



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