Body Image: A creation of media.

This video called “Media’s Effects on Teen Girl’s Body Image & Self Esteem” talks about the problems usually girls have today with their body image. Nobody seems to be satisfied. If you ask a group of girls if they are satisfied with their body, no more than 15% will raise their hands. We are always trying to get slimmer, look prettier, if we have straight hair, you try to curl it to give it volume, if you have curly hair, you spend 30 minutes in the bathroom every mornig ironing to make it look straight.
What causes this behaviors? Of course, the media. Through the magazines we read the TV shows we watch and commercials we see, we build up this idea in our heads of how the perfect body has to be, how do we have to look and even how do we have to act -to be a perfect woman.

Yes, the media is to blame for this, but type in on Youtube “media’s influence on teenagers” and a million videos pop up about how bad the media is, how evil, how is hurting us and hour kids.. But I ask myself: Is it all medias fault?
It is too easy critizise the media and blame everything on “how media falsely portrays society” and without being hypocritical (since my older post “The Axe Efect – Women Depiction” critizises how media depicts women), I would like to take a stand on favor of the media.

Although I agree with the fact that media influences us, and specially teenagers, who are more vulnerable, we all contribute to this. We are stupid enough to still think that the media way is the correct way, and we believe everything they say. A lot of parents, when their kids are todlers, show them to play with “the right” toys. They buy their little girl a doll for her birthday, and they tell their boy to not play with her because he is too agressive, and he has to take care of his sister. Most of the times parents don’t even realize, they learned when they were young and unconciously teach their kids the same values.
Also, boys are taught from an early age that they have to be the ones to ask out a girl if they like her. And in high school they are the ones who ask girls to prom. What would happen if it was the other way around? Ha ha. That girl would be made fun of for the rest of her high school life. Guys flirt with girls, and girls act like their innocent, girls – in general terms- plan their weddings, not their fiancees. And it is usually because they are taught to like planning it.

Also, everybody LOVES to criticise. We all criticise everything, from politics decisions to that girls outfit today, or how the teacher graded my paper. Why? I don’t know. But it for sure would be very interesting to learn why. There are probably some sociologic studies out there that explain human behavior and why we love to criticise everything we can.

So even though I agree with this video, and I think the media has a huge power over the public – which is very easy to convince – our behavior, our perception of beauty, and the perception parents transmit to their children all comes from the society and from our own personal values. The media is just who spreads it out globally.


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